The Critical Facilities SummitSM is an exclusive gathering of senior-level professionals involved in the design, construction, management and operations of data centers, labs, hospitals, financials and other mission critical facilities.

Critical Facilities is the only event of its kind examining data center and mission critical issues from the FM and design/build perspectives. We're bringing together the industry's most respected experts including designers and end-users who'll share ideas, tactics and strategies to help you dramatically improve the efficiency, reliability and performance of your mission critical facility. It's a unique forum fostering collaboration from presenters, suppliers, and attendees in an intimate, collaborative environment.

If you are responsible for a facility whose uninterrupted operations is crucial to your organization's success, you need to attend the Critical Facilities SummitSM 2014.

Experimenting with Lab Space

Whether it's through television, a magazine article or the big screen, a laboratory is always depicted as an ultra-sleek, uber-modern environment in which white-coated technicians operate in the cleanest of conditions. That representation isn’t too far from reality: Lab spaces command specific features, furnishings and operating equipment to accommodate the activities that take place within their walls. Constant temperatures, increased ventilation, greater plug loads and greater air change rates are all required for consistent outcomes in the lab.