2015 Educational Tracks

Designing and Building Mission Critical

Learn how to anticipate the needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) mission critical facilities, which require more flexibility, greater resilience and updated mechanical and electrical systems. This track provides insights into how to ensure a design provides reliable, scalable systems while minimizing financial impact on an organization.

Operations and Maintenance Strategies

Maintenance and engineering is critical to the day-to-day operations of mission-critical facilities. From staffing to reliability to containment strategies, this track addresses the myriad challenges of operating data centers, labs, hospitals and financial facilities for the highest level of round-the-clock reliability and long-term efficiency.

Energy, Sustainability and Cost Control

Fluctuating energy costs and an ongoing focus on sustainability create an imperative to manage mission critical operating costs and resources right from the very start. This track offers a variety of perspectives on tracking and optimizing energy use, as well as developing a green strategy for mission critical and better budget management.

Best Practices, Codes & Certifications

The design and operational strategies for mission critical facilities have evolved to meet growing and sometimes competing needs for code compliance, capacity, reliability, sustainability and energy efficiency. This track focuses on real world lessons learned from leading mission critical facilities.

In Case of Emergency

Sessions in this track are geared toward ensuring the safety, security and resilience of mission critical facilities. Join discussions focused on emergency preparedness, disaster recovery, business continuity, cybersecurity, staff training, site selection and redundancy strategies, and gain insights into contingency planning for a variety of scenarios.

Project Spotlights

In-depth, incisive profiles of mission critical facility projects and programs that highlight forward-thinking applications in design, operation, energy savings, sustainability, life safety and security.

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