Critical Facilities Summit Presenter Bio

John Fitzpatrick Photo

John Fitzpatrick

Director of Enterprise Data Center, University Information Technologies
University of Rochester

John is a seasoned IT professional with 30+ years of critical IT infrastructure modernization. In his career he has been responsible for the planning, designing, implementation, commissioning, and management for government, healthcare and educational institutions and has demonstrated proficiency in leadership of federated IT Infrastructure including data center, network, computing, telecom and call center environments. John has established industry best practice methodologies for IT system lifecycle refresh, relocation, migration and consolidation in physical, virtual and hybrid architectures, and has a proven track record in driving operational efficiencies and real cost savings while improving uptime availability across the enterprise architecture. He has an amalgamated project management portfolio in excess of $100M with nearly $10M in measured savings resulting from facilitated efficiencies, incentives and calculated cost avoidance.