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The 5th annual Critical Facilities Summit brings the best of the mission critical community together for three days of unbeatable networking, education and product discovery. Come face to face with today's thought leaders for an in-depth look at the leading trends in design, management and operations of data centers, hospitals, banks, telecoms and other critical facilities. Opinions are welcome, debate is encouraged and your time will be very well spent.




Gurus, scholars, experts, firebrands … you'll find them all at this year's Summit. Our presenters aren't shy, and are eager to share not only their opinions, but the valuable insights they've developed through significant industry experience. Bring your questions, because they always bring their A-game.

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35+ sessions, organized into tracks which offer you an unbeatable way to create an agenda that's tailored to your needs and interests.

Cloud and Colo Trends

With more organizations considering shifting data center load to a colocation facility or to the cloud, construction of new enterprise data centers is way down, while colo and cloud providers are busy adding white space. Understand what it means when an organization decides to go colo or cloud--and how facility managers responsible for inhouse data center space still have important roles to play.
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Higher Ed

College campuses are test beds for new theories and philosophies; they can also be laboratories for high-density, supercomputing data center design and operation, requiring a unique approach to funding, management and staffing. This track offers insight into current strategies in a variety of academic college settings.
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Medical, Labs, and Life-Safety

Hospitals and labs face unique obstacles when it comes to code compliance, energy efficiency and end-user satisfaction. Our assortment of healthcare session addresses ways to balance myriad demands when it comes to the design and operation of high-performance, energy-efficient facilities in the medical/life safety market.
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Optimizing Uptime

Sessions in this track are geared toward ensuring the ongoing operation of mission critical facilities. Join discussions focused on resilience, business continuity, staff training, airflow, testing and modeling, and gain insights into DCIM planning for a variety of scenarios.
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Project Spotlight

In-depth, incisive profiles of mission critical facility projects and programs that highlight forward-thinking applications in data centers, hospitals, universities and labs. Spotlights often provide a unique, end-user perspective on how key mission critical challenges are met using innovative strategies and technologies.
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The FM-IT Link

Every critical facility failure headline proves the importance of teamwork between the FM and IT staff to collaborate early and often to ensure a completely networked, fully operational data center. This track encourages discussion among departments to address this new design and planning environment, to better understand what the IT community needs from FMs, and explore what the facilities unit needs to know about how to work in a new integrated community.
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Earn CEUs for every session you participate in at CFS – up to 13 hours overall! Approximately 10 days after the conclusion of the Summit you'll receive email with a link to assessment questions for any session you were scanned into. After successfully answering four true/false questions you will receive a transcript indicating the CEUs earned. That transcript can be used to self-report to any licensing body or association needed. Critical Facilities Summit provides attendees CEUs for no additional charge.

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Up to 13 hours overall


There are no prerequisites for this program. Anyone is allowed to register and attend.

Satisfactory Requirements for CEU:

(the following requirements are mandatory to receive the IACET CEUs offered)

  • You must be scanned into the session.
  • You must be present for over 90% of the conference session.
  • You must correctly answer at least 70% of the learning outcome assessment questions which will be administered online after the conference concludes.

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You will receive a transcript for the CEUs earned after you successfully complete the assessment. This transcript can be used to self-report to any organization necessary, it is up to the organization to accept or not. If you need to request transcript after the event please use this form.

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Critical Facilities Summit at the Minneapolis Convention Center

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If you have any questions or would like additional information on becoming a speaker please contact:

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Wendy Dietzler
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